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This one time in elementary school I wrote a comic book using dot matrix printer paper. It was called Spongeman & Mopboy. They fought literal street filth like Dirty Window Man and The Germs. Those who remember these comics (hi, mom!) think a certain TV network went on to steal the idea for their own sponge-based entertainment. Who does that?


Since then, I've written a few other things, from a book of memoir essays titled Wake, Sleeper (now available from Cascade Books) to a range of freelance articles for publications like Sojourner's,, and the Good Men Project. I also teach composition and creative writing at the college-level. I received a Master of Fine Arts in creative writing (focusing on creative nonfiction) from the University of New Hampshire. I teach part-time and for my day gig, I am an editor/writer at Berklee College of Music.


If you're interested working on a project with me, or would like to request samples of my work, contact me at bryan[DOT]parys[AT]gmail[DOT]com


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