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For the last nine years, I've been at work on a memoir titled Wake, Sleeper, now available from Cascade Books. During early drafts of the manuscript, I kept an accompanying blog that chronicled the heaves and peaks of the writing process and also provided an open space for discussion about related themes, even if tangentially. The blog also kept a record of the freelance articles I wrote during this same time period.


While the blog is currently on hiatus until closer to the book's publication date, it contains an intimate look at what it was like to write a first book, and some of the supplemental pieces that came out of it, like the "Letters to an Invisible Church" series. It also contains a number of links to some of my major publications, such as articles for the Good Men Project, State of Formation, Stillpoint Magazine and NonProphet Status.


So: Dig in, and let me know what you think.

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